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Floor Coverings International - Interview with me

pink, brown, wood dowel, throw, throw pillows, striped curtains

In my interview with Floor Coverings International I talk about blogging and my recent creative project - space planning and decorating our new house. Check out the interview here.

My Top Six Posts of 2016 - New Years Eve 2016

This year brought a lot of challenges and hard days, but the upside is that we bought our first house in the Okanagan in the spring. Vernon is a big change from Vancouver and I really like it - sunny weather, hot summers, snowy winters...orchards...wineries. People say, "hello" and "good morning" as you pass on the street - that never happens in Vancouver.... Sometimes in life we have to take big leaps of faith and that's what we did buying in Vernon after only one previous visit. I always trust my intuition and make big decisions based on a combo of logic and feeling.

DIY Braided Rug for Maddie's Desk Area

kids diy, desk, chair, stripe, braid, rug, kids rug, repurpose, laminate floor

I just completed a small braided rug for Maddie's desk area - made from Ava's old pants and shirts. (As Ava's clothes become too small I store them for Maddie but I had put aside items that weren't mendable or that were paint covered to use for sewing projects.)

Updating a rickety garden bench....

On a walk one day in the summer, Ava and I spotted this rickety wooden bench in a lane - a neighbour left it out for anyone to take along with other random items. I joked to Ava that we should carry it home...we didn't. The next day my Husband and Ava came home from a walk with it....

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