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Mediflow Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow - Review

I usually have neck and upper back pain due to a grand mal seizure that I had 16 years ago - I hit the back of my head hard during my fall. Then I had a concussion a few years ago and because of that I have several migraines a month...every month - it's hard but I have to push through them. Usually, I don't have trouble falling asleep but I do have trouble staying asleep and I often wake because my neck is aching or my head is throbbing.

Week #3 of the November #moms30for30....

Week 3 of the #moms30for30 is done and I wore neutrals and blush this week. The weather in Vernon was pretty mild and I'm missing the snow...although I know it'll be back, and possibly around until March.

The realization that I'm part of an older generation....

I'm a GenX'er and it seems that there's a disconnect between the Millenials and myself...and in some moments I feel relief that I'm approaching 40 because I remember the analog world. For example:

The other day I was buying a hot chocolate at a coffee shop and C+C Music Factory was playing in the background. I said to the barista, "I used to have this tape."

She said, "What? Tape? What's a tape? (insert long pause) Oh like in the new Marvel comic movie...bla bla bla...." (Insert the movie title that I can't remember because I have no interest in the movies.)

Then I said, "What? I haven't seen that movie...I guess we're from different generations...."

Sometimes you have those moments when you think - "I wish someone else was standing here listening to this conversation." The barista and I would have made them laugh at our complete lack of understanding of what the other person was talking about. 

Week #2 of the November #moms30for30....

The second week of the #moms30for30 came and went with a mix of snow and rain in my many of the days I wore layers. My days consisted of being home with Ava doing homelearning, and running errands so I wanted to be comfortable.

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