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Aging gracefully...I'm turning 40 this weekend....

I'm listening to Blind Melon and reflecting on turning 40 this weekend...Toes Across the Floor..... What I've come up with in my inner reflection is this: 

I am myself.
No confusion.
Rely on myself.
Communicate indefinitely. 
I see into everyone. I have no time for insecurities.

I want to live my 40's with grace. Face the darkness. Delve into the muck. 
Release the old. Be the light.

Recap of the November #moms30for30....

Overall my November was really casual - I was home everyday homeschooling Ava and I wore leggings, jeans and my Nicole Bridger bamboo pants combined with various t-shirts and blouses. 

Here are my November #moms30for30 outfits: 

Last days of the November #moms30for30

In the last four days of the #moms30for30 I mixed in some prints. I'm ready for December now - it's time to decorate....

Week #4 of the November #moms30for30....

The end of November is drawing near - bring on December and holiday activities. Hopefully the snow comes back soon...we're getting our tree next weekend and it's always nice to walk through the snow to choose a tree.

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