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Recap: May 2017 #moms30for30

May flew by, and for the #moms30for30 challenge I wanted to wear jeans less often than I normally do - which is every day. Most of the days I wore one of my pendants because I really like them. My jewellery collection is small so that I actually wear what I have rather than having it just to look pretty on a shelf. 

I do enjoy putting outfits together for a night out but I don't generally focus on what I wear. For the challenge I wore all 30 items, but I normally wear the same few pairs of jeans and handful of t-shirts in rotation. Now that I have the May photos to remember what I put together I'll wear more of what I have. In my recap post for the July 2015 #moms30for30 challenge I said, "Fashion should be utilitarian or fun - depending on your perception." I still think this but I'm personally less attached to Fashion overall. 

Days 22-30: #moms30for30

The last week of the #moms30for30 is complete, and I mixed in print pants, a skirt and a dress - not just jeans. May flew by and it seemed to go faster because I made an effort to post photos every day. Tomorrow I'll do a recap with all of my outfits and my thoughts about this round of the #moms30for30.


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