Mother's Day

I'd prefer to spend my Mother's Day thinking about children who are so much more special. I can utilize other days to take time for myself. I don't need the recognition - I'll focus on making Mother's Day an enjoyable day for my little girl. I'm a Mommy because of her.
Some children work so hard to make it in this world during their early days and years. I haven't experienced anything as heartbreaking as seeing my 7 day old baby with an IV coming out of the top of her head. She kept fighting, and her strength far surpasses my own. She doesn't need to show me appreciation for all that I do for her, I feel grateful that she's healthy and happy.

My little Ava has the ability to live in the moment. She stops to look at every flower, and she speaks lovingly to every living being - as well as inanimate objects. She finds glee in things that I don't even notice. Having her in my life has made me a better woman, as I have to be able to look her in the eyes.

Tomorrow Ava will spend the day with her Daddy, and I'll hang out with my fabulous sister. First I have a manicure (a Mother's Day gift from my sister), and then we'll window shop. On Mother's Day I'll watch Ava take pleasure in playing with Grandma and Auntie, and Grandma and Auntie will be enchanted by Ava.

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