Stay in the moment....

As I work on relationships with people I have to remember to stay in the present. It doesn't help, and it isn't fair, to revert back to the past way of communicating. We all grow in maturity, and emotionally, as the months and years pass. Everyone deserves to show who they really are - beyond our perceptions of them.

Perhaps I can find a rapport where I thought there was none. Maybe our conversations, respect, and just honouring each other for who we are now, will grow our connection.

I move in, and out, of feeling optimistic, and I know that this is based on my fear around repeating more of the same from our preceding interactions.

Stay in the moment....

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  1. We just need to give ourselves time to feel like us again [or for the first time]. Thank you for your comment - trust yourself and you will make the best decisions for your future.

    Time really does heal....


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