I feel grateful for the funny moments in life. For example, when your spouse comes home from a vintage shop with a 3 ft tall 7. His sheepish look says it all,
"Will anyone else love this 7?"
"Will I have to take back the 7?"

I happen to like the number 7, and I don't mind having some bizarre items hanging on my walls....

Ava excitedly exclaimed, "I've never had a 7 on my living room wall before!" It seems that she's also game for things that are off the wall...or on the wall in this case.


  1. Well, you have a mystic number in the house! Hopefully you will get used to it.

    You sure have a one-of-a-kind husband!!!

  2. 7 has always been my lucky and most favourite number of all the numbers.....i like your 7 too ;)

  3. That's hilarious! Is it a favorite sports player number?
    I just found you from Mom Bloggers Club. I'm following!

  4. It's not a sports number...he just liked it.....


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