Beach Day....

I love this beautiful city...mountains...ocean...the potential of skiing, golf, and sailing all on the same day.... My little Ava is already enjoying the sights - and has her favourite hangouts.

This past weekend we spent a warm sunny day at the beach. Ava was the first to kick off her shoes and run back and forth to feel the sand between her toes. She plopped herself down to make a sandcastle, and then made some new friends.

After the friends left, Ava was more daring than she has ever been on the beach. She walked into the water (a few inches), and moments later she was soaked and running along the waters edge squealing in delight. Ava even flopped down to make sand angels - fully clothed.

I'm proud of my little girl for trying something again and enjoying herself. (Last summer she wouldn't put her toes in the water.) I know that she's going to adore this city as much as the rest of us...and after being with her on the beach, I've remembered to stop and kick off my shoes to feel the sand massaging my feet.

Perhaps this summer we can all try something again that we feared a year ago.


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