Cheers to a great week ahead!

My sister is coming for a week long visit on Friday (from the other side of the country) - and I'm very excited. We'll spend our days with Ava playing in the park and shopping. Our evenings will be spent out, catching up with friends over drinks. I've already planned my outfits and drink orders in my head...I'm a bit of a planner....

Her birthday rolls around while she's here, and that means the evening will be an event. She's loved and missed by many, and they will all show up to toast her birthday. Not the big 3-0, but close.

Ava's looking forward to showing Auntie her new room, and her park, and her school, and her bike, and her favourite places to go in the city, and her new toys, and her cat.... I'm hoping that Auntie so enjoys watching Ava in action that she doesn't mind sleeping on the couch for a week. It's not a pull-out.

My little sister moved across the country last summer, and normally the end of her upcoming visit would be sad for me, but she's moving back here next month! Woo hoo!


  1. This blog posting made me tear up......

  2. Have a great visit! I am following you via MBC. Please visit my blog. Every Tuesday and Thursday I will start posting a short sign languagle video tutorial for all to enjoy! I hope you'll be there!


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