Home Sweet Home....

I love, love, love sleeping in my own bed after a vacation. There's nothing like it, especially if I have a good book to read while I cozy up. Ava has been a dream to put to bed since we've come home. She has a new appreciation for her room.... (She hugged and greeted her toys upon our return.)

We had a great trip. Ava played on the opposite coast, and even sat down in the icy Atlantic. She had so much fun running around with her cousins and trying new things. At an amusement park she wanted to go on the roller coaster. (Mommy went with her...and was so mentally caught up in paying attention to how Ava was feeling on the ride, that she forgot how scared of heights she is...until at the highest point.) Ava loved it.

We have an album of pictures from our trip, and I'm sure we'll have another before the end of the Summer.

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