Growing Up

Ava's 4th birthday is approaching and it seems like she's grown up over night. Over the past two weeks she has morphed into a little girl.

She wakes up in the morning (Mommy and Daddy still sleeping) and heads off to the fridge to prepare herself something to eat pre-breakfast. Her findings have consisted of cheese strings, raspberries (I found some mushed into the white carpet...), chocolate pudding (creatively pried open), and chips (which were spicy and sent her on a hunt for a cup for water...then I found the bag next to her sleeping Auntie... said Auntie slept through the whole chip eating experience...). Only two weeks ago she wouldn't leave her bed until we came to get her.

Ava walks the whole way to school, and to run errands, etc, without demanding at some point that she be carried. I still offer piggybacks occasionally - the day will come when she won't want me to carry her, let alone to be seen with her. (Possibly around the age of 12, but the way girls are growing up so fast now it may be at the age of 8.)

She wants to do a lot of things for herself now, and the great part is that she can. She carries her own things in her backpack, and my bag is suddenly lighter. I've been enjoying using my array of bags in the daytime again.

The world doesn't see her as a baby anymore, and we respect her as a little girl. Ava is showing her confidence in herself and her capability to set up her boundaries. She walks into all of her classes on her own...and although no one else may notice, she hugs me fiercely upon my departure...and then again on my arrival. My little one will always be my baby. (Just don't tell her that.)

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