The Official Wish List

I've decided not to complain this year about just how early the media and stores are pushing Christmas on us consumers. I'm embracing the early Christmas music being played on the radio [and in stores]. We won't get our tree until the second week of December...but I am almost finished my Christmas shopping...not because the media is telling us to shop early...I'm just a planner. That said, Ava and I worked on our Wish Lists - and I wrote up Daddy's glitter, and on the pink paper that Ava chose.

We'll do a letter to Santa in December. It may involve more glitter...and feathers....


  1. I love how she wants "A Pink Marker" for Xmas......very specific.
    TOO CUTE!!!!

  2. Yes, her previous one died due to is her fav. She still has the other 50 colours.


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