Career? Eh?

Spending the day with several Ladies yesterday made me realize something about myself...that I no longer want to be defined by what I do. Many times I have thought about how people now open conversations with, "So what do you do for a living?", and this strikes me as ridiculous. I am newly unemployed due to a layoff (I was working from home to be with Ava), and I now find myself with no career to identify with when asked that opening question. I feel like laughing when I feel the enquiry coming.

It's ok to be between jobs. It's even ok to have no idea what your next move is. I have creative ideas, I love to write, and I want to remain at home with Ava. So I'll just have to manifest work. I've done more difficult things...natural labour and childbirth come to mind.

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY agree with you on this one!!!
    I too am not a fan of that question......I have never felt I can identify myself by what I "do" seems so obscure to me.....


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