Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm very irritated by badly written song lyrics. My brother-in-law can attest to this.... He's an up and coming singer whom I've talked to repeatedly to about strong writing. He probably thinks I'm crazy...but I really get agitated by weak lyrics. (I tell him every time we drink some wine together....)

My reasoning is, if it's your career to sing (and perhaps write) songs, then make sure they are sound. The audience is intelligent [hopefully], and they want to make connections within the lyrics. They want to feel like the words unite with their lives. Am I asking too much?

I too want to escape into music. I love it. I really do not want to correct sentence structure, or rhymes, while listening to music.... Do singers/song writers still have their thesauruses from grade 6? Merriam-Webster? Am I being too judgemental? I want the singers to be able to carry a tune...without computers.... Is this too out there? Is it too forward thinking? Or too archaic? A long, long, time ago, people used to have to be able to sing to be famous singers.... Like in the 90's.... 

The 90's, back when singers could sing, and models were larger than a size 0... don't get me started.... Anyways, I thought I'd put the topic out there. Write like you love it. Sing to move people. If anyone says, "It's good enough, people will buy it." then re-write.

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