Is there something in the water?

Months ago I had no interest in having another baby. I was content to have a three member family. The thought of possibly going back to school to study Fashion was in the forefront of my mind. Ava will be in Kindergarten in the Fall, and I was looking forward to having my days consist of all adult conversations and work.

Of course, sometimes when we think we're on one path we get re-directed onto another. Out of nowhere, the baby thoughts have crept in...they're taking over my mind. Around and around they go - I'm in my early thirties, and my husband is in his early forties, and Ava will be turning 5 soon, and I don't want the kids to have a large age gap, and I don't want Ava to miss out on having a sibling, and I don't want to regret not having a second child, but we'd have to move into a bigger place, and Ava is already enrolled in elementary school, and I may feel more tired than I already do, and ideally I wouldn't want the kids to share a room when the baby is a baby....

I'm sure we all have the same thoughts. Finances come into play too, especially when we live in the most expensive city in the country. I love my city though, so I'll live here even if my kids have to share a closet. (I came across Jordan Ferney's blog Oh Happy Day and if I had a closet I would consider using her idea.)

It seems like a lot of Mom Bloggers are talking about wanting babies, their unexpected pregnancies, and if having a baby now would be a good fit in their lives. Definitely a lot of women in the media are pregnant - not that this has anything to do with my personal reality. It just feels like there is a sudden influx of babies who will be born by December 31, 2011.

Hopefully we will ring in the new year with a tiny little one. I have no news on that front, but we're now open to the possibility.

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