Mommy likes to play with dolls....

Earlier, I quietly sat on the floor in Ava's room and combed the tails and manes of all of her ponies. (Ava was playing elsewhere in the house.) My thinking was, "She doesn't groom them yet, and I don't want their hair to get matted...." This is true, but maybe I also needed to sit and play for a while.

After I finished with the ponies I figured I would brush the other dolls including Strawberry Shortcake. Strawberry has a wardrobe...I organized the inside and hung up her clothes.... Could I be avoiding my own closet? Actually, I'm waiting for an afternoon when my husband is out to go through my clothes. Basically, I don't want to hear, "Why are you getting rid of that? How many times have you worn it?" Sometimes my interest in an item is fleeting and I need to pass it along to someone make room for the new purchases. Some men don't get this - they'll wear their underwear until it's just an elastic and some threads.

Well, I'd better start making I have time to braid the Cabbage Patch's hair before bedtime.


  1. i can relate! i find it very relaxing to comb out doll/pony hair. i like to make tight braids + then brush them out a couple days later - makes lovely waves! on occasion [if the dolls have been at the beach or in the dirt] we will wash + then leave conditioner in their hair overnight!! too much?

  2. No, I think that's great. I'm not surprised....


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