Happy Birthday...To Me....

My birthday is coming around again and as I look back on my 32nd year I can see how much has changed in my life. I went from being a single parent to being in a marriage again. I was home with a with a 3 year old who just turned 4 recently - much more challenging than I would have thought. At 3 the stubbornness began and at 4 the eye rolling kicked in. I expected this from Ava at 12, but not 4 - perhaps Mommy deserves some eye rolling occasionally. (I do tend to do it in my head at other people so maybe it's Karma.)

For the first time I tasted French macaroons and I can't get enough of them. I'm craving one right now. Badly. My favourite is the light pink one with butter cream in the center. Mmmmm.

I have a few more wrinkles...but people still think I'm in my mid twenties so I'm doing well on that front. I have some wonderful lotions on hand to work with me in my aging process. Maybe at 40 I'll look 33 - here's hoping.

Looking ahead to my 33rd year, I kind of know what to expect as I have some plans, but really anything can happen. Maybe we'll have a baby and move into a larger apartment, or maybe I'll win the lotto and buy our dream home. In this city 1.5 million buys a tear down so for 2 million we could be in a 3 bedroom with a yard - I think. I need to win a few million then.

I'm going out for my birthday with a small group of great friends. We'll have cocktails, conversation, and a lot of laughter. Hopefully the only tears will be from hard laughter because I don't cry on my birthday. I'm in my 30's and happy to be here.

Mmmm, macaroons. I need to find some.


  1. Happy Birthday buddy. Enjoyed the column. As always you have a way of making us appreciate the simple most important things in life.



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