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Ava loves to dance and rock out - she likes to play her music loud. Today we spent our afternoon at West Vancouver's GapKids, and enjoyed the kindie music festival "Kindie Rock GapKids" put on by Bunchland.com.

Before the band took to the stage, Ava had time to wander around and check out the store. She did some shopping, and is now ready for summer with her bright tanks and orange sunglasses. Ava whipped out her 30% VIP Mystery Shopper card to pay for her purchases.

After sporting her sunglasses around the store, Ava 'got inked' on her hand, and waited for her turn to have a Polaroid taken. She was a little shy to be in the photo by herself so Daddy joined in. Then the cute photo was decorated with purple jewel stickers...a departure from the usual choice of pink.

Upon completion of the photo, Ava  moved along to make her own pin. She coloured squiggles and wrote her name on the paper, and then used all her might to press the button sets together with the button machine. She has impressive upper body strength.

Following all of her hard work Ava needed to take a snack break - she downed some hardcore chips and juice.

A murmur went through the crowd that the band would soon play so Ava scoped out a spot at in front of the stage with space to dance. Then it was time to rock - The Board of Education began their set. Starting out slow, Ava cuddled with Daddy for the first song and just listened. Mommy was pleasantly surprised with the catchy melodies and the witty and fun lyrics- we all know how Mommy feels about song lyrics.... Daddy later mentioned that he noticed Ava doing 'air drumming' during some songs. We will be purchasing The Board of Education CD to play in the car, and Ava can play it in her room. (By play I mean, cranking up the volume and jumping up and down on her bed.)

When the set ended Ava said, "That band was awesome."

Enough said.

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