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Last week I was invited to attend a Yummy Mummy Event held at Town Shoes downtown. I love shoes and shopping so this was the perfect place to hold the workshop...in my opinion.

This particular discussion centered around Mom's wardrobe concerns upon returning to work. Many Moms feel that their bodies are different after having children, and when it comes time to go back to work their clothes don't fit the same. Image consultant, and founder of Yummy Mummy Makeovers, Joyce Lau shared tips for dressing by having a model wear different pieces while she talked about what worked and what didn't.

Joyce recognizes that the most common issues for Moms may be that they dislike their post baby bodies. The way they dress could project a lack of professionalism and credibility, or they may be unable to create an adaptable wardrobe from their existing items. Joyce's solutions for this are her 3 B's:
  1. Body Acceptance
  2. Boardroom Appropriate
  3. Budget Approved
Body Acceptance: Stop hiding and work with it. Wear clothes that camouflage the problem areas, but don't wear items that are too big. Use colour (perhaps colour blocking), structure, pattern, and rushing to redirect the eye to the best areas. Black should be strategically used in an outfit - not all over to hide the body.

Boardroom Appropriate: Dark colours show authority and set a serious tone. The strong lines of a garment, collar style, formal fabrics, details, and proper tailoring all aid in creating a put together look for the office.

Budget Approved: Think about cost per wear, and items that can transition between work and other activities (ie. playground, grocery shopping, children's after school events). Every piece in ones closet should be able to be worn several different ways. Use accessories to add a personal touch.

Along with clothing and accessory solutions, Joyce talked about the 5 shoes that Moms should have. (If you have to stop at only five....)

  1. Flats: easy to wear
  2. Black pump: can be a kitten heel if heel height is a concern
  3. Sandal: perhaps with embellishments, can be for day or night, can be a flat or heel shoe
  4. Sexy heel: something that makes the wearer feel good, could be a colour (ie. red) or have details like a bow or print
  5. Wedge: may be a neutral, elongates the leg

Yummy Mummy Makeovers offers many workshops, personal services, and private parties with in depth information on many different topics.  Visit the site at: http://www.ymmakeovers.com for details.

The Wardrobe Answers workshop was complimentary for me, and I thought that Joyce had a lot of great information about style - specifically around body proportion and scale.


  1. So we WERE at the same event! Eeep. I guess I should have looked around me more. Hope you'll be at the Vancouver Mom event on the 19th?

  2. fantastic event! thanks for inviting me :) in addition to my new blochs, i will be getting a new 'do' with dee on saturday!


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