Mom's The Word: Remixed

I must say, I had tears running down my face from laughter and the truth I felt while watching the play Mom's The Word: Remixed. The reality that  my little Ava is growing up so fast makes me sad sometimes - I clearly remember her in diapers learning to walk and talk. Now she's 4 going on 12 and I'm getting eye rolls and "fine" a lot, but I digress.

My Mom came with me to the play - she wanted to go the moment she heard about it. So we had dinner together and laughed over things only she and I (and my sister) would find so funny.

I have a young Mom and it's fun to share experiences with her. She can relate to the breastfeeding and diaper talk in the early stages of the play as she has been close with Ava since she was born. She changed many diapers to give me a break at times. We both remember my teen years clearly, and as the play progressed into the Mom's talking about their teens I wiggled in my seat. I felt a sideways look from my Mom (and I was a pretty tame teen), and I thought ahead to Ava in 6+ years. Nothing like the teen years to scare the tears right off of your face.

I loved the play and I would recommend it to other Mom's who are sleep deprived and ready to rip their hair out laugh about the sweet things their kids do.

My ticket was complimentary, and I would like to extend a big thank you to the Arts Club Theatre for the invitation.

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