Today we went to the PNE and Ava had a great time on the smaller rides, plus the ferris wheel. Daddy went on some rides with her, and others Ava braved alone. I tried one child ride, and realized half way through that my tummy is too big to comfortably fly through the air in a mini helicopter.

We ate only healthy food...cotton dogs...pop...sno cones...and that was just me. Kidding, I don't eat pork/beef so I had pizza...and a caramel apple instead of a sno cone..... When one spends the day out in the heat and direct sunlight, what better way to replenish the body than with junk? I filled Ava with veggies and real protein at dinner.

A highlight of the day was the Superdogs show. Ava laughed and laughed as they ran around and performed tricks. I realized how much I miss having a dog. I'm not a cat's ok, Frank understands that he is fed by me but to go to other people to get the cuddles.  

It was a fun day and Ava passed out in the car on the way home.

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