Ava's First Day

Everything went well today for Ava at her new school. She likes her classroom and teacher, and two of her friends from preschool are in the same class. After school she played on the school playground and then she skipped home.

I decided to get some more maternity clothes - so after some lunch we headed to 4th Ave for a little shopping. First stop was the candy store where Ava chose a lollipop the size of her face, and then we were set to shop. While I tried on numerous jeans (every pair fits so differently) and shirts, Ava enjoyed her treat and gave a running commentary with her opinions of each item.

I wanted to put off buying maternity clothes as long as possible, but my tummy has given me no choice. I look like I'm two months further along than I am.... Oh well, at least I found some skinny jeans so I'll feel stylish while I expand.

Hopefully tomorrow will go as smoothly as today did....


  1. I'm sure you look great. I'm impressed that your daughter will let you shop for clothes when she's with you.

  2. She's been shopping with me since day one. She has a pretty good eye for what looks good together. It's easier when the shops have toys....


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