Cleaning House

I just got back from purchasing several storage's purge and re-organize time in our house. I'm someone who wants everything to be in it's place and tidies continuously, but there are spaces that need an overhaul. The storage closet is jammed, Ava has toys that are too young cramming her closet, and I can better organize our shelves and cabinets.

We're going to re-do Ava's room to give her more space to play, and her Daddy is going to build her a new bunk bed. This way when the baby moves into her/their room down the road both of them can be comfortable.

Now that I have my days to myself what better way to spend them than to nest? Once I have our place how I want it...I mean how we want it...I can start sewing things for the baby and maybe a Christmas dress for Ava. We'll find out the baby's gender and then I'll start on a quilt. I made one for Ava that she still uses.

Of course I'll nap too. Must nap. Everyday.

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