Labour Day

Ava had a little bump in her last day of summer break before school tomorrow. She fell twice and banged her knees, and then spilled the contents of a toy all over the ground. Daddy and a friend found most of the pieces but her upset lasted awhile....

Later, when she had time to think about the situation, she came to the conclusion that the lost pieces aren't really that important. Ava enjoyed a popsicle in peace and walked around Downtown with us. We picked up some school clothes, and then she and Daddy went to the Art Gallery.

Tomorrow is a big day for all of us. Last night my Husband and I talked about our worries with Ava going off to school. Nothing major - will she get lost in the halls?....will she eat her lunch?....should we get non-laced runners?.... I'm sure most parents of Kindergarteners are thinking the same things today.

 We'll see how tomorrow goes....

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