Sunday Afternoon at the Races

My lovely sister arranged for a Ladies afternoon at the horse race track. We had a private box with catering, a bar, and our own staff to serve us and cast our bets with. Some of the Ladies took turns sitting with the race announcer, and a group of them even presented a winning horse with a bouquet of flowers.

Everyone was asked to wear hats or fascinators/feathers and pretty dresses. My Mom wore a beautiful black dress which was 60's inspired and a pretty little broach.

My sister and I made her fascinator out of cream ostrich feathers, white veil netting, and two small white flowers that she already had.

I made my fascinator out of pink tulle (with vintage jewels sewn on), white veil netting, pink ostrich feathers, and a vintage gold leaf broach.

A friend wore a fabulous red feathered birdcage veil that her sister made. This was definitely the brightest adornment....

Another friend wore a 60's inspired green and navy plaid belted dress with a navy blazer. Her broach was pearl with rhinestones.

I didn't do any betting, but I watched everyone's excitement over their choices and wins. (I sat and ate the delicious food and desserts. Many desserts.) As a nod to Ava, one friend bet on "#3 Rainbow Dash" in one of the races. (Rainbow Dash is a blue My Little Pony.) Unfortunately Rainbow Dash came in at the back of the pack....

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