Lazy Saturday

Ava spent the morning out with Daddy and then we switched off. I realized that I had the ingredients for play dough so I surprised her by making a batch.

The first thing Ava did with the fresh dough was make me an ice cream sundae.

Then came the cake complete with a candle....

After Ava enjoyed play dough baking we moved onto the real thing. She prepared the wet ingredients for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

The next step was to add the dry ingredients and mix the batter.

We dropped the cookies onto the sheets together and then I sent Ava off to watch a cartoon while they baked.

When the cookies were ready she was very eager to taste one. Our place smelled amazing which added to her impatience for them to cool a bit.

I put a few on my cake plate and then froze the rest for future enjoyment. (I may have eaten a couple first....)

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