Surprise Wedding!

My little sister surprised everyone by getting married this past weekend! I was privy to the planning process - dress selection and fittings, accessory choices, and I saw the rings as they were being designed. Everyone else found out post ceremony - including the parents. 

I was in Heaven in the bridal boutique - dupioni silk, organza, and beading, oh my! She fell in love with a gown in the first shop we went to.

A golden silk flower with our Grandma's earring placed in the center adorned her hair rather than a veil - she's not a veil kind of Lady.

As I waited to see her in the dress at each fitting, I happily took in the decor of the shop. Pretty girly items were placed throughout.

This was my view each time I waited while she stepped into the dress. The consultant helped her with buttons as the pregnant sister sipped water from a champagne glass. (I so miss wine....)

Did I mention that I love sparkly chandeliers?

We found some beautiful ivory lace at a fabric store, and the seamstress made this wonderful bolero.

As they had a Vegas wedding, she wore a stunning pair of cobalt blue suede shoes. Did I mention that she was given away by Elvis?

We're throwing her a Bridal Shower next month, and I have designed the decor in my head. I love this stuff!

Now we have to plan the Reception...good thing my Mom and I used to plan and decorate Weddings.

PS. When she was a little girl my Mom made her promise to wait until she was 30 to get married. It's funny how life plays out. I made no such promises which is why I married at 25. (My sister and her Husband went on their first date while my Husband and I were in Cuba getting married.)

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  1. VIVA LAS VEGAS........AND ELVIS!!!......oh, and meant to be marriages - that too ;)


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