My Sister's Bridal Shower

We threw my sister a Bridal Shower today and it was a success. I think all of the Ladies had a great time - good food, sweet desserts, lots of conversation, and wine.

Last night my Mom put the florals together, and I set the tables with linens and decorative centerpieces. I used my own vintage jewellery, purses, and makeup compacts to give a 40's feel. I sewed faux mink wraps for the center of each table, and added a large feather to each floral vase.

I used the pieces of organza that were cut from her gown during alterations to make a swag for the mantle. As well, I stitched pieces of lace from her unused bolero lace to the organza.... On the mantle I placed some mini paper wedding bells and cream lace as a back layer. I added a few pieces of our Grandma's jewellery under the organza.

She received a great haul of gifts. (I gave her a Spanish vintage necklace and hair comb.) She was given a few pretty unmentionables, lots of wine, and home items. A friend gave her a large Elvis coffee table book. 

I hope that the Shower was all that she wanted, and man am I wiped.... I was reminded today how different it is to put on parties while 7 months pregnant. The next event is the Reception later this month, and two weeks after that is my Baby Shower. (I'm looking forward to that day - I get to sit and talk to people, eat yummy food/desserts, and Ava will open all of the gifts.)


  1. lovely! fun party + congratulations to your sister!

  2. GORGEOUS!! Love the mantle swag! Love everything!!

  3. on another note:

    1) VIVA Elvis!!!! love, love love him. (no word of exaggeration!)

    2) Grandma's pieces, most touching of all.

    3) Again, most special and beautiful bridal shower ever ;)


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