Second Pregnancy Thoughts....

When I was pregnant with Ava I had a lot of time to sit and reflect on my pregnancy. In the early stages of this pregnancy I had to keep remembering that I was growing a baby. Even though she was planned I would sometimes think, "Oh ya, right, I'm pregnant." In my daily activities with Ava I didn't have time to stop and ponder. Life with a 4 year old = constant "go time".

Now that Ava is 5 and in school all day, I have more time for myself. I'm still busy with doctor appointments, Ava stuff, preparing for my Sister's Reception (and Wedding & Shower that just passed), organizing our place, and nesting, but I get to be home alone. When the baby kicks I can stop and think about her and what she's doing. I can lay down if I need to...which I don't do often enough.

Now that I'm 7 months along, I wonder if I felt the same way physically the first time around. I asked my Husband yesterday if I complained as much about aches and discomfort the last time, but he doesn't remember. I don't remember either - I think I felt better with Ava. I am five years older now, but I'm only 33.... Maybe I was just more tired going into this pregnancy and it's compounded as I've grown bigger. Early pregnancy blood work found my thyroid to be stressed (hypothyroid) and I've been on a light dose of medication since. I know that a lot of my fatigue has to do with this, plus it makes my muscles ache all over. I do go for massages to ease the pregnancy related things like hip and back ache, but even a lighter massage leaves me feeling bruised for days after. Whine.

Having been told repeatedly that this baby will probably be a preemie, my thoughts center around preparations and ultrasounds. I'm not worried - I really feel that she will be healthy, but I like to be mentally prepared for things. I like to think about all of the possibilities and be ready for whatever direction we have to go. Very early baby...earlyish baby, full term Husband taking paternity leave...what will our days look like with baby and Ava - keeping Ava's school days as normal and smooth as possible.... I'm a planner.

My Sister's Reception is in a week, and I would normally be thinking about my dress for a big event. (Many Ladies think about how the dress looks, what sort of undergarments are needed - ie. the beloved Spanx, and how they'll do their hair, etc.) I find it amusing that my big concern is - will I be able to get into my shoes? They're so pretty....copper satin heels with a peep toe.... My feet are the same size, but shoes fit differently depending on the day. At least I know the dress will rock - a strapless cobalt silk chiffon with empire waist and room to grow.

Ok, time to stop thinking and now I'll go to bed and read...Ava will be up before the sun.

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