Another Year....

Tomorrow we're taking down our tree, and then spending the evening with friends. It'll be a quiet and child friendly night - I'll bring pj's so Ava can fall asleep on the couch. We'll see if my Husband and I can even make it to midnight....

Looking back on 2011 there were so many happy events - more so than any other year I can think of.
Here's a list off of the top of my head:
  • My Husband and I spent our second year back together, and celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary
  • I became pregnant with Madelaine, Ava graduated Preschool
  • My closest friend found out that she is going to be an Auntie (for the first time) to a baby girl (due just after Maddie)
  • Another close friend adopted a newborn baby girl - she is now almost 6 months old (she shares her birthday with my Sister)
  • Ava turned 5 and started Kindergarten
  • My Dad moved back to Vancouver
  • My Sister eloped, had her Reception, and is now enjoying her Honeymoon on a beautiful island in the tropics
  • My Sister's childhood friends (who I also spent a lot of time with) have married or had babies this year
Now there is only one day left, and then a new year. What will 2012 bring? Obviously a baby for us...unless she comes tomorrow.... Happy New Year!

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