Ava's Gingerbread House....

Yesterday my Dad came over for a bit in the afternoon to play with Ava. She has been home from school for a couple of days with a cold.... I set out the gingerbread house that we had for her, and they put it together. (I left for a nap and may have been gone awhile because it was dark when I woke up....)

Here is their creation:

Ava ate many candies during construction, and then stole the candy today too. The house is a little bare now.

This afternoon we picked up Rudolf for Ava to watch before bed as she has never seen the video. She has the book, and loved seeing the guys come to life. Tomorrow she can watch Frosty, The Little Drummer Boy, or Santa from the box set - hopefully she's feeling better because she and Daddy have a play to go to in the afternoon.

My plan is to head out with my sister for the day to enjoy a movie mixed in with last minute shopping. I have random things on a list, and a few items for the hospital in case we end up there this week. In the last few hours it seems that my tummy has fallen a little lower. My husband can't tell the difference so it either is lowering and she's coming, or I'm just watching too closely. We'll see if I make my date with my sister.... I still have Christmas shopping to do, and I really hope that Madelaine can wait until after Christmas Day.

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  1. woo hoo! an early christmas present? glad that you can get some rest - not long now! x


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