Baby's Coming and Christmas is Too....

I had an ultrasound earlier this week, and it turns out Madelaine is getting ready to show her pretty little face any day now. I've moved from thinking about an early delivery to waiting everyday for it to happen. A little anxiety has set in, and I feel like I'm riding a wave needing to prepare the house, make sure everything is ready for Christmas and keep my days as quiet as possible. How do I rest, and make sure that Ava and Mommy & Daddy have a proper Christmas, and prep our place so that we feel comfortable in it as our family grows and more stuff comes in? My Husband now has a "To Do" list that expands daily.

Over the past few days I had to have a couple of steroid shots to prepare the baby's lungs...and that was a roller coaster. I'm generally a mild mannered person, more quiet than outgoing, calm, thoughtful.... On steroids I couldn't sit still, then I stared at things for long periods of time.... Later as it set in more my patience was non-existent and I could have ripped heads off. The first day on the "roids" my Husband suddenly turned to Ava and suggested that they go to Science World (read: get away from Mommy). His idea may have been triggered because I yelled at the cat...who was dive bombing the Christmas tree. The second day didn't go much smoother. I can still feel the affects in my system but it's so much better today.

Before the ultrasound we did have a chance to pick out and decorate our tree. Ava and Daddy did most of the work. I usually do the whole tree in the evening and leave a pile of decorations for Ava for the next day, but this time the job was theirs. I may have tweaked the ornament placement in the days following....

I wrapped some gifts for Ava...

Ava has her Santa wish list ready...

I have some fabric ready to make stockings in the next few days, and other than that I won't be taking on any baking or Christmas projects. I would like to but I don't want to feel overwhelmed.... We'll see how the next week unwinds.


  1. It sounds like you are ready for anything!! How many weeks are you now?

  2. Tomorrow I'll be 33...I'm less than a week behind you I think.

  3. Your tree looks beautiful! Hopefully you start feeling better soon :)

  4. Thanks. Normally I love Christmas and spend the whole month making crafts, decorating, etc, but I feel so distracted that I can't get into it. Maybe as the days progress I'll feel the cozy whimsy that I usually do.


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