Christmas Parties....

This week has been a busy one with two Christmas parties put on by Ava's little friends. Monday, Ava donned her crown and put on her fancy dress. We went to her friends house and the girls played while the Mom's talked about their Christmas prep. Each child bought a gift for another, and the kids tore into them after some snacks.

Ava was given a kitty card set with stickers and a fancy feather pen.

On Tuesday, we went to a glitter craft party and the glitter was abundant. Before going to the party Ava, Daddy and I did a little Christmas shopping (Daddy picked up last minute things for me I think....), and had lunch. They brought a dinosaur puzzle and worked on it while we waited for our crepes.

 I sipped my steamed milk....

When we arrived at the glitter party the girls played while everything was set up. The two crafts to be made were snow globes and glitter bells.

First up were the snow globes.... The girls chose a jar and glued an animal to the inside of the lid. (Ava chose a horse.) When the glue was dry, water and glitter were added to the jar and the lid was secured.

For the glitter bells, egg cartons were cut up to make individual bell shapes and the girls each chose 3 to paint. Once the paint was dry it was glitter time. Lots of glitter..... Then strings with real bells were tied inside each egg bell.

When everyone was finished they washed up leaving a glitter trail all the way to the bathroom. The bar of soap looked very festive when they left....

Ava's bells are now hanging from our door, and her snow globe has a home where everyone can see.

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