The Cult of Lego - Book Review

I received a review copy of  "The Cult of Lego", and before I could get to the package my Husband and Ava had opened it and were sitting together flipping through the book. For several car trips Ava insisted on bringing the 290 page book as reading material. She talked about her favourite builds and marveled over the more intricate ones.

My Husband smiles whenever he gets his hands on the book - he has big plans to make a Frank Lloyd Right house....

I spent a lot of my childhood building houses and parks with my sister and Uncle. He had a massive bin of Lego. Reading through "The Cult of Lego"  I learned that Lego is found in 75% of Western homes, and is designed to meet toy and food safety standards. As a Mom I like that they're non-toxic. (Of course they're choking hazards but that's a topic for a different discussion.)

Lego products have 10 characteristics:
  1. Unlimited play potential
  2. For girls and for boys
  3. Fun for every age
  4. Year-round play
  5. Healthy, quiet play
  6. Long hours of play
  7. Development, imagination, creativity
  8. The more Lego, the greater the value
  9. Extra sets available
  10. Quality in every detail
The book covers all aspects of Lego history, lingo, art, robotics, gatherings, and educational uses. It's a great coffee table book for those who have an interest in Lego. The book would be a perfect Christmas gift for a Lego lover.

Ava loves to play games on the Lego site, and she collects small sets to build with Daddy. She'll be excited when she opens the big Lego set waiting for her under the tree - and she can consult The Cult of Lego for some inspiration.

My copy of The Cult of Lego was complimentary.

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