Madelaine's Baby Shower

Yesterday my Sister and Mom threw a baby shower for Madelaine, and Ava helped with a finishing touch - the final floral decals.

The room was set up in a baby and tea party theme. My Mom made purple floral runners, and my Sister put the flower and butterfly decals all around the room.

The mantle was very cute with fabric flowers and baby animal wash cloths all along it.

I loved that my Mom used my Great Grandma's tea cups, and her own teapot, as vases for the florals.

Ava passed me the cards to read and then opened the gifts. She held up each item for everyone in the room to see - there were a lot of sweet clothes and a few toys. In the end we had a small mountain of gifts and discarded tissue paper.

This morning Ava became attached to one of Madelaine's new toys - a blue seahorse that plays music. She walked around with it and cuddled it all day. We made an agreement that she has to put it away for the baby tomorrow...hopefully we can do this without fuss.

A couple of the gifts were for Ava - a cute outfit and a princess fairy wand.

(The toy photos were taken by Ava today....)

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  1. pretty party! sorry i missed it :( we will celebrate another time!


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