A Quiet Morning....

Yesterday Ava went to my Mom's for a sleepover, and my husband and I had the day to ourselves. We had lunch together, and then braved the mall to use some gift cards from Christmas. Somehow we ended up wandering Pacific Centre for hours...but we were successful. I bought a striped maxi dress that I will wear now and post pregnancy. My husband came away with a new wool sweater, suit shirt, and random man items. We picked up some household items, and then I just had to get off of my feet. Plus I was tired of people bumping into my belly.

Instead of going to a movie after, which was our initial plan, we ordered pizza at home and flipped channels. My husband came across the Metallica documentary and we ended up watching it until just before midnight. We know how to party when our daughter is away....

I slept in today until 8am - I wish I could have slept longer but I needed to move my body. My husband slept until 11am.... So I got up and enjoyed my breakfast in complete quiet - minus the hyper cats (we're cat sitting my for my Sister who is on her Honeymoon in a tropical paradise).

(I love my new "j" mug from Anthropologie - I bought it  for myself while Christmas shopping for a friend.)

I snapped a photo of my belly because I really have no photos of this pregnancy except for the one that Ava took. I really feel like I'm on borrowed time with the delivery. I'm very surprised that she hasn't made her appearance yet - but the longer she stays put the better for her.

It's still amazes me that there will be two kids in our house very soon. It's been only Ava for 5 years, and now there will be another personality in the family. A whole new person with likes and dislikes, traits, moods, etc. Hopefully Madelaine is as easy going as Ava was as a baby....

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