Late Christmas Gift

Ava received a late Christmas gift from Santa and she was beside herself. It's a Go Go's record signed by all 5 members.... We're going to frame it and put it up on the wall.  (She already has another copy of this record to play, and the t-shirt.)

Our tree is now beside the curb awaiting pickup, and we have said goodbye to Christmas for another year.

Baby is still growing from the inside - I've never been 9 months pregnant before.... This is very unexpected and a surprise to my family and doctors. My parents call one to two times a day to see if I'm headed to the hospital yet.

This photo is from today - we'll see how tomorrow goes. My sister returns from her Honeymoon tomorrow, and I'm sure she'll be happy that Madelaine waited for her. Now she can be in the room during the delivery just as she was with Ava.


  1. awesome gift! beauty + the beat was one of my first music purchases [on cassette]. i still love it.

  2. Wow! The Go-Go's! I was a couple of years behind them, but my aunt (who is only a few years older than me) absolutely loved them, and I have fond memories of listening to their music with her. I came in more at the Belinda-as-solo-artist phase.

    Happy New Year!


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