Glerups are indoor shoes made of felted natural wool, and they have leather bottoms. (Rubber soles are also available.)They are warm and comfy to walk around in - perfect for wearing around the house, or cabin. Glerups would be good for apartment living too ie. for the balcony and trips to the laundry room/mailbox.

There are different Glerups designs and colours: boots, shoes, slippers, and children & baby items. I tried the shoe design as pictured above. The shoes are well made and sit seems that they will stand up to wear. (I will do a followup post if they do not.)

Something to note is that the shoes may shed during the first days of use because the coarsest fibres work their way out of the felt. (It is suggested to pluck the loose fibres.) As well, if someone has a wool allergy then they can experience itchy feet so socks may need to be worn with the Glerups.

Check out Glerups at:

I received a complimentary pair of Glerups to wear.


  1. the look cozy! i could use a pair for when i take the recycling out - i usually slip on a pair of chris' sneakers :P

  2. These look great. I'm going to check out the website now. My feet are cold ALL winter long, I need slipper selection! Thanks.


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