Our First 2 Weeks....

I'm tired but I'm here....I've been nesting with Madelaine and hanging out/cuddling on a comfy chair, watching tv, and visiting. We've made it out for some doctor appointments, a dinner at Grandma's, and one walk to Ava's school. The outside world feels overstimulating right now - normally I like the bustle of the city but now I feel like staying inside. My husband has been great with doing all of the school runs, and groceries/errands. Tomorrow I have to take Ava to school, and then a friend is coming over, and I'm feeling the urge to go out to lunch. We'll see if I still want to when the time comes.

Ava has taken to her little sister and now she "likes babies". On random days leading up to the birth Ava was "allergic to babies". Now she likes to hold Madelaine, and she was proud to show her off at school the other day. I'm happy that the transition from a 3 person family to 4 has gone so smoothly.

I haven't been feeling fabulous since a couple of weeks before Madelaine's arrival. The last weeks of pregnancy were uncomfortable, and the last week I had a cold. When I arrived at the hospital for her delivery I had a fever and major chills. I had no idea how much pain I was in for - thank God. I wanted to have natural labour with no medical interventions or drugs (just like with Ava). After labouring at the hospital for 2 hours it was time to push. I had incredible back pain - I felt like I was going to snap in two. Unfortunately, none of us knew until Madelaine came out that she was in the posterior position. She came out literally looking at her Daddy. (I remember my Sister saying, "Hi" to her because she was looking at everyone in the room.) After the pain subsided I thought it was pretty cool that she connected with him instantly. I felt pretty wrecked after her short birth. It was 4-5 hours total, and if she had been facing the right way she would have come a week before. The great thing was that my doctor put Madelaine on me immediately and left us to bond for awhile. In the end I found the strength to have a natural birth and there were no medial interventions.

We had a lot of visitors at the hospital over the two days that we were there. My Sister and friend took care of Ava at our place the whole time - thank you Ladies. Someone brought me a wonderful treat to go along with my breakfast post labour....

Ava decorated our room and bought a toy cow for her baby sister (she named it Moodelaine)....

Minus feeling run down the whole experience was a good one, and our family and friends were so helpful. Madelaine is very cute and sweet, and I just sit and stare at her. She's a mini version of Ava, and yet she somehow looks like herself.

We'll see what her personality is like as the weeks progress.

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