In My Mother's Kitchen - Three generations of simple, delicious family food - Book Review

I received a copy of "In My Mother's Kitchen" - written by James Beard Award winner Trish Magwood - and immediatley flipped through the collection of her family recipies. I'm a visual person, and I like that this cookbook has many photos of completed items. The images make me want to reach into the pages and have a taste.... Under every recipe, Trish has added some "Kitchen Notes" (which include tips) and/or variations of ingredients.

When a friend was over she took a look through the book and picked out a couple of things to make. She took home the Picnic Chicken Salad and Cottage Chilli recipies, and after making them she said that the process was simple, and that they were tasty meals.

Now that I have another Little One  I thought that the Applesauce recipe would be something that I can introduce down the road. I sliced up some apples, added cinnamon, and with Ava's suggestion substituted a pinch of icing sugar for regular sugar. (For the baby I wouldn't use this.)

The end result was delicious....

Ava picked out the Best Ever Cottage Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, and mixed all of the ingredients starting with the wet ingredients and the eggs.

Then she added flour and other dry ingredients...

She mixed and mixed....

Once the cookies were baked and cooled they were ready to sample, and they were yummy.

I would recommend this cookbook for anyone who wants to make easy and delicious recipies.

My copy of "In My Mother's Kitchen" was complimentary for my review.

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