Saturday Lunch

I love sunny Saturdays in Vancouver. My Sister came over to have a girls day (my Husband was helping a friend move all day), and we went for a walk with the kids. (It still freaks me out that I have two....) We started out at a restaurant for lunch - Madelaine slept through the whole thing, and Ava played ponies on the table.

While we waited for our food, first thing was first - a cheers with our drinks....

Moondancer enjoyed a quesadilla....

My Sister needed a Starbucks so we headed there next, and while we were inside I had to leave Madelaine with her for a few minutes. Apparently, while I was gone a man tried to hit on her by complimenting the

After that we walked to Winners so that my Sister could buy some cards, and Ava played with random toys. Then I had to drag her out of the shoe section...apparently she likes shoes as much as I do. There were so many great toys and bedroom knick knacks that the Easter Bunny needs to check that place out. Maybe find something to mix in with the Egg Hunt and chocolate....

We were spent after the store so we headed home to lounge around, and shortly after that my Husband came home with tulips for Ava and I. Mine are in the living room, and I put a vase in her room.

 I love this city. Spring is here.

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