Spot It!

Ava loves to play games, and I received this card game called Spot it! from Blue Orange Games to try. It's suggested that the game is for players ages 7 and up, but at 5 Ava is able to understand the rules. The game has five different versions/games of play - some more challenging than others - allowing for different skill sets.

Ava likes game #2:
One card is placed face-up in the middle of the table. The remaining cards are dealt out to each player and kept face down (in personal piles).  Each player flips their top card [at the same time], and the first player to spot the identical symbol on their top card and the center card gets to place their card on the center. This becomes the new center card and play continues until one player runs out of cards. This player wins the game.

I would recommend Spot It to parents as it can be a quick paced game, or slower, depending on the children's ages. I like that the children have to look at the symbols - it involves quick recognition and matching. Ava wants me to mention that she thinks it's a great game.

Check out the site for local retailers: My copy of Spot It! was complimentary.

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