I've had a bit of a rough last week with two seizures (including a trip to the hospital with head scans), a second bout of Mastitis (big time milk production = another blocked duct), insomnia, and beating myself up mentally for feeling weak. It's tough to feel optimistic and capable when I don't know if I'll drop at any moment.

That said, the sun is shining in Vancouver, and suddenly everything seems manageable. My husband is off work right now and we're having a lot of family time. Ava has enjoyed art camp this week, and Madelaine is getting more vocal everyday. When Daddy says "I love you" she responds with the same sounds. She's 9 weeks today, and a very happy little baby. Life is good.


  1. keep on looking for that sunshine!!

  2. Like the happy baby. Dislike the seizures. When you said your baby was 9 weeks old I was like, 'well thats weird cause I thought we had babies at the same time...wait a second...oh yes, my baby is also 9 weeks old'. What the heck! How did that happen? hehe.

  3. I know, the 9 weeks have gone by so fast....


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