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The David Suzuki Foundation has started a new campaign called Spring Breakup with their Queen of Green Lindsay Coulter. The point of the campaign is to find out how to avoid toxic chemicals and how to make healthier product choices.

Spring Breakup looks at what keeps us buying our favourite/typical brands - ones that can have hidden toxins - and it exposes the challenges that we may have in making healthy and informed choices about the products that we use.

Throughout the month of April and into May, Spring Breakup looks at a different barrier in each of the 4 weeks.

Week 1: Health & Safety
  • Asks the question - Are you in a toxic relationship with your household cleaners?
  • Shopping tips are given as well as a download for a Shoppers Guide to Cleaners
  • Things to think about: toxic chemicals in laundry detergents can cause asthma; cleaners can contain cancer causing substances; the effect on the environment from dish soaps/cleaners

Week 2: Transparency
  • Asks the question - Do your favourite cleaners have a Dirty Little Secret?
  • Something to think about: there's no Canadian law requiring manufacturers to list full cleaning product ingredients
  • Canadians can Send a Message to ask Canada's Health Minister to mandate full disclosure of ingredients and safety hazards on household cleaning products

Week 3: Effectiveness
  • Asks the question - Are green cleaners as effective as your favourite big brand?
  • Info will be posted April 24th

Week 4: Brand Loyalty
  • Asks the question - Is it time to break up with your cleaner?
  • Info will be posted May 1st

Anyone who participates in the Spring Breakup campaign can enter to win prizes which include a Queen of Green home makeover.

Take a look at the Spring Breakup site - http://www.springbreakup.ca/ - for more information regarding FAQ's, and toxins in cleaners: Cleaners 101. Sign up and take the challenge.

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