VancouverMom - 2012 Top Mom Blogger Celebration

(Photo: VancouverMom Red Carpet)

Last week, I attended the VancouverMom 2012 Top Mom Blogger Celebration to celebrate this years' 30 Mom Bloggers. I was in the Top 30 group of 2010, and it's fun to go back each year as a part of the Alumni.

The event was held at the Museum of Vancouver, and we were able to walk through the Art Deco Chic exhibit.

There were truly stunning dresses....

...and accessories....

I didn't have a chance to speak with a lot of the Ladies that night as the party had 150 guests, but I did talk to some and I had a great evening. I even won 2 of the prizes in the draw - an Illusion Studio and Spa manicure for me, and a 4Cats paint set for Ava. As the party wrapped up, I chatted briefly with Pamela Martin, and then she took a moment to take a photo with my friend Kristin.

Congratulations to all of the 2012 Top Mom Bloggers, and thank you Christine Pilkington for putting on a fabulous event!

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