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I will be contributing to Chic Darling every week for their Fashion and Style sections - my first post "Gold For Summer 2012" can be viewed here.

Gold Trend Summer 2012

Silver Trend

Ava wanted to help me by making a photo collage to go along with my article so here's her version:

Nail polish, lipsticks, dresses, necklaces, a star & heart mirror...she's a budding fashionista.


  1. That is great news and I can't wait to read all of your upcoming fashion posts. I was wandering around The Bay today and their large collection of brands. I'm still in that breastfeeding mama role and I notice it does reflect my fashion sense a bit. Lots more loose cardigans and tank tops going on than ever before.

  2. great post!! - i'm ALL about the gold!!!!


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