Nicole Bridger In-Store Fashion Show

Last Thursday I went to the In-Store Fashion Show at Nicole Bridgers' Flagship location. I loved the intimate setting - and having a glass of wine in hand watching the clothes go by. Nicole talked about each piece as the models walked, and everyone was invited to feel the pieces/fabrics. Everything that Nicole designs is wearable, sophisticated, and so comfy.

The models that she had walk were all different ages and body types and it was wonderful. Nicoles' message is for us to love who we are and to accept ourselves just as we are. To allow ourselves to be beautiful and feel beautiful in that space. That is what the night was about. How refreshing.

Each of the models shared something about themselves - careers, trips.... It was inspiring to be around so many women who really seem to have a zest for life.  

This modal fleece skirt and silk top are my favourites....

New cardigans from Peru - love, love, love....

Burgundy, blue, black, blush/pink, grey, brown, cream, and a brown/cream floral print are the colourways of the Kali Collection. Nicole mentioned that she will be adding more patterned fabrics in upcoming collections.

I had so much fun, and after the show I made sure to look through the hanging pieces. I also tried on some bracelets and choose this one by Mala Imports.

At the Nicole Bridger shop they have changed the merchandising to follow the Parisian way (on a trip to Paris Nicole liked the layout of the designer boutiques). There is one of each piece displayed allowing for more "breadth in the space" because it showcases the pieces. Now you decide what to try on and they will bring your size out from the back. Who doesn't want a little taste of Parisian shopping?

Thank you to my friend Kristin for sharing your photos from the show!

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