Mommy Mixology - A Cocktail for Every Calamity - Book Review

I do enjoy having a cocktail...or two...and what better excuse to get a group of Ladies together than to review the Mommy Mixology book by Janet Frongillo? I invited a group of fellow Moms over for a small party - I didn't have to ask them twice.

A perk of having people over is that I was given some Hostess gifts...not expected but always welcomed. One Mom gave me a trio of delicious teas which are perfect for a dark Winter's night. Another brought me beautiful Peonies which are my favorite, and happened to match the pair of fuchsia heels that I was wearing.

On the table I set up an array of cheeses, crackers, bread & dips, fruit and treats - thank you to the Mom who brought the veggie plate.

I placed some other flowers around the room and the Christmas tree set the Festive party mood.

On to the book.... Each Mom selected a drink from the book and brought the ingredients to make it for the group. Each drink included in the book has a humorous write up about some moment from Conception to Kindergarten. My drink was the "Shitzer Spritzer" (wine & club soda) which ties into potty training. We all made 2-3 servings of our drink and split it 7 ways so we had "sampler" sizes.

One of my fav's was the "Mr. Arse de Leche" which includes Baileys Irish Cream (mmmmm....) and dark creme de cacao plus milk. This drink reminds me of  Christmas...others in the group didn't like it so much. It brought up the conversation around drinks that we all need to avoid due to previous experiences.... Everyone laughed about this.

We played some records, and continued on through the list: Five-Alarm 529 (rum & ginger ale); Harvey Wallpainter (Vodka, Galliano, orange juice); Son of a Beach (vodka, peach schnapps, orange & cranberry juices); and Scarlet A (vodka, cointreau, pomegranate & lime juices). We were to end off with "Paunchy Party Pants" (champagne, cointreau, brandy & carbonated water), but one Mom left earlier and accidentally took the cointreau with her (she meant to grab something else). So we all shared a bottle of champagne.

By the end, my Mommy Mixology book was worn in with drops of liquor on the pages, and wrinkled pages from the many hands. A sure sign of a well enjoyed book.

As everyone headed out it was mentioned that we should plan to get together for
"Ladies' Cocktails" more often. I agree, and it's nice that this book gave me a reason to get everyone together. Even if everyone couldn't necessarily relate to all of the books' humorous writeups we could relate to each other under the umbrella of "Mom".

My husband had the girls out during the party and after the Ladies left I had a short time to myself. I sat in my sparkly dress and heels, sipping champagne...listening to carols on the to the lit up a quiet house. A perfect Mom moment.

Mommy Mixology can be purchased from Chapters Indigo,, and I received a complementary copy of Mommy Mixology for my review.

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