New Year's 2012

Our Christmas tree is outside ready to be picked up...ornaments lay around on tables waiting to be packed away for next year.

It's New Year's Eve again, and I remember being in a club in 1999...partying like it was looks a little different now.

We had dinner at a friends' house tonight and Ava played with their 18 month old, and 3 year old nephew. New Year's is very different with kids.

I swayed to the music (a great mix of The Beatles and 90's Grunge bands) and tried to get Madelaine to sleep in the no avail.

So I sipped wine and listened to conversations while looking at the massive yellow moon.

We left early (by adult standards) and put the girls to bed before 10pm. It'll be my Husband and I on the couch watching tv ringing in this New Year...and that's fine with me. (We may or may not be awake at midnight.)

In 2013, I would like to sleep through the night, have time to read more, and take more naps.

Happy New Year!

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