Mini feet....

As Madelaine lay falling asleep the other night, I rubbed her soft puffy feet, and thought about how these feet haven't yet taken steps on their own.  She's nearing the end of her 12 months - the stage where she hovers between baby and toddler.

Soon she'll let go of the couch and balance all on her own...then step forward slowly...then step again.... Gaining the confidence that she'll use throughout her life.

Before we know it she'll toddle over to her toys, stumble after her sister (who loves to run everywhere), and start climbing at the park.

Her mini feet in my hands feel so carefree. They're on the verge of something great...moving forward.


  1. Such a sweet and sentimental post. Something about babies waking sort of turns them into being an official toddler for sure. Josie is cruising the furniture but that is about it and I'm in no rush for her to toddle around. I know it will happen and for now I just savour her tiny little feet too.

  2. It's amazing how fast the past year has gone by....


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