Ava's 7

Ava is now seven and I've watched her grow up so much over the past 6 months. She has a compassionate and loving spirit, and is a great big sister. She adores her sister, and Madelaine mimics everything that Ava does.

Her confidence has grown - I noticed her comfort in herself and her abilities on the first day of grade 2 this school year. A quick hug to Maddie and I, and she was off to her classroom. No upset or stalling.

I'm grateful that I'm able to be there to wave goodbye as the first bell rings, and I watch her happily talk with friends as she enters her classroom. At the end of the day she rushes over with a quick greeting and unloads her bag and jacket into my arms before running to the monkey bars.

We read together each taking turns, and I watch her read Maddie's books to her (it reminds me of when I read to my little sister at the same age).

Seven is a big deal, I think, as it's an age when playing with toys is still fun and when crushes start to evolve. (So young I think but then I remember having a crush on a little boy in my class when I was 7). She doesn't seem to reciprocate the interest yet though.

For now, I'll enjoy that when we're out we can hold hands, give hugs goodbye, and say out loud, "I love you". Soon enough she'll just walk beside me and call out, "goodbye" as she takes off for the day.

She is a beautiful little girl, and she challenges and questions me - but always knows that I'm her net.


  1. The wise Mother always knows when to look at her child in wonder knowing that her child looks at her with the same wondrous and adoring eyes.

  2. Elizabeth SommervilleOctober 9, 2013 at 11:21 AM

    The beauty and innocence of a child.....my heart is exploding!


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