Read with me Violet

My little Madelaine loves dogs - we don't have one so she points them out everywhere we go. I received a Read with me Violet and she instantly loved her. Violet is plush and the perfect size for Maddie to tote around when she wants some reading time.

Violet reads from the five board books that are included, and she asks questions throughout the story to help build comprehension skills. She has 5 interactive spots that respond to touch. Maddie can pet her back to answer questions, kiss her cheek and hear her say that she's her best friend, press her left paw to hear songs, and press her right paw for more responses.

  • Listening Comprehension: Listen and follow along with Violet as she reads one of the five included books. Violet asks questions to engage young readers, foster comprehension skills and build personal connection with stories.
  • Early vocabulary: Each of the five books includes vocabulary terms from colours to animal names.
  • Press the Music Paw to trigger songs that reinforce word learning.
  • Books & Print: Pay attention to Violet’s signal to practice turning pages. Listen to Violet and learn about the relationship between the print on a page and the story that Violet tells.

I would recommend Read with me Violet & Read with me Scout to other parents. Who doesn't want a puppy for Christmas? Take a look at Leapfrog's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for several other great gift ideas as well.

I received a Read with me Violet for my review. The Teaches list is from the site. All opinions and reviews expressed are my own.

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