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Living in the city, I run all of my errands with the stroller. I walk Ava to and from school, grocery shop, visit the library, purchase the occasional bottle of wine...etc.  My stroller has a pouch underneath that I usually jam bags into, plus Maddie's toys/books, plus any other random item that I can't carry.

With my Choopie CityHooks, all I have to do is attach them to my stroller handles via the velcro straps, and I can hang all of the bags from the CityHooks. My stroller storage is freed up, and I can also hang my own bag/diaper bag from the hooks. (I like that the velcro closure allows for the Cityhooks to attach to any type of stroller handle.)

  • Easy to attach velcro straps
  • Hooks swivel a full 360 degrees
  • No clipping makes it easy to slip bags on and off
  • Perfect for diaper bags, purses, grocery bags and more
  • Multi-purpose: can be used on wheelchairs, car seats, cribs and more
Check out the Choopie site here for their other products as well the CityHooks.

I received a pair of Choopie CityHooks for my review. All opinions and reviews expressed are my own.

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